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Jeannie Seely

There’s something very special about sitting on the back porch, overlooking the Cumberland River, listening to the cicadas and talking about country music! In this interview, we are at the home of Jeannie Seely, Grammy winner and 53- year member of the Grand Ole Opry. Make no mistake about it, this 80 year old trailblazer is going strong with a new album and a career that continues to unfold. Raised on a farm in Townsville, Pennsylvania, Jeannie remembers turning a chicken coop into a stage where she and her brother would perform. By the time she was 16, Jeannie knew that if she was going to succeed in country music, she had to move to Nashville. With 50 dollars to her name, she put the key in the ignition of her Ford Falcon and never looked back. Known throughout her career as an individualist, Jeannie opened doors that had been closed to women, including the very first hosting job on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Whether she was writing or singing #1 songs, Jeannie was and still is a powerhouse with a heart of gold. Her incredible longevity is a reflection of her work ethic. Says Jeannie: “until you’re ready to get out of the race, you’ve just gotta keep on runnin’.” #grandoleopry #countrymusic #countrymusicsuccessstories

Kelly Lang

Barry Gibb called me and says “Hey, Kell, I”m gonna be singing Islands in the Stream at Kenny Rogers Induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Are you available to sing that song with me? And you know what I said? Hold on a second and let me check my schedule!” -Kelly Lang

The stars really lined up for this interview with Kelly Lang. A prolific songwriter, vocalist, producer and visual artist, Kelly grew up surrounded by country music. Her father was Velton Lang, Conway Twitty’s trusted road manager for 25 years. As we sat around Kelly’s kitchen table in Hendersonville, Tennessee, she shared the many stories of her career in country music. At only 15, she charted on Billboard with a hit called Lady, Lady and that song was quickly followed by a stellar performance in the finals on Star Search. The mother of two, Kelly is a breast cancer survivor who was mentored by her friend and fellow survivor, Olivia Newton-John. In this interview, Kelly shares her songwriting process saying “it’s a God thing” along with her belief that cover songs shouldn’t be altered too much. Now blissfully married to country music icon TG Sheppard, Kelly shares career highlights including what it was like to sing Islands In the Stream with Sir Barry Gibb. Time and experience have not aged this beautiful country music star, but they have made her stronger. Over the next 30 minutes, you’ll come to know a woman who values family and friends above all else: “The music industry is fleeting. Success for me is lifting other people up and elevating them.” For a tutorial on what success really means, hit that download button. #countrymusic #countrymusicsuccessstories