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John Berry & Robin Berry

Fame is not a decision you make. It’s a lot more work, and it’s a lot of fairy dust. -John Berry

Let’s turn back time to 1979 when singer/songwriter/guitarist John Berry had big dreams and the patience to see them through. A brilliant singer with a gift for storytelling and the ability to connect with an audience, John got a band together and recorded his own songs in a 4-track studio he built himself. He distributed his songs on his own label and sang in bars after University of Georgia football games, never saying “no” to the chance to perform. More than 10 years passed before John was signed to Liberty Records. When his career took off, his wife Robin continued at his side as his backup singer. Married for 33 years, John and Robin Berry welcomed us into their cozy home and into a music room where John’s guitars are always close at hand. Together, they share their stories of life on the road with their children, and what success really means. With 30 albums and 19 appearances on the Billboard Country Music charts including his #1 smash “Your Love Amazes Me” John Berry’s life is a testament to family, faith and perseverance.