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Sara Evans

I grew up on a farm with the clothes line in the backyard and I knew that millions of Americans would relate to that. As much as I love New York and L.A, I am really a spokesperson for middle America and the girl next door. -Sara Evans

Every trip to Nashville is filled with non-stop adventure. Jacy and I spend weeks planning our interviews and when we got word that Sara Evans had agreed to share her story with us, we did have a bit of a fan moment.

With 5 number 1 songs, the ACM Award for Top Female Vocalist, a CMA for Video of the Year, Grammy, Billboard, BMI, R&R, CMA & ACM nominations, and 10 studio albums, Sara Evans is a success story by any standard, but it is her personal story, shared with Jacy and me, as we sat together on cozy couches, tucked away on the third floor of the colonial style home she shares with her 3 children, that really blew us away. Turns out, the girl next door who sang Suds in the Bucket really did grow up on a farm in Missouri, with the clothes hanging out on the line and she
has been planning her success story since she was 5 years old.

Collin Raye

Your identity is not about how well you’re doing on the charts, that’s your job, you have to treat that as your career and keep it separate. Your identity has to be bigger than, “I’m a star” because that star can fade fast. -Collin Raye

Words of wisdom from multi-platinum selling artist, Collin Raye. With 12 studio albums, 39 singles, 21 top 10 songs and 4 number 1 hits, he is a solid recording artist and live performer who is hardwired for a career in country music. Born Floyd Elliot Wray and known throughout his early life as “Bubba Wray”, Collin was always surrounded by music. His mother, Lois Wray was the opening act for the Sun Records Tour, featuring Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Collin’s dad played bass and loved bringing playing the songs of his favorite country artists over and over on the family stereo. In this interview, Collin takes you into his rise from singing harmonies and playing the tambourine on stage as a child for his mother, to chalking up number 1 songs throughout the 90’s and you’ll hear plenty of his songs in this episode. But it is Collin’s love of performance that really shines through. Says Collin: “I don’t know what to do with myself if I can’t sing songs for people and make them happy. That’s all I know how to do.” His final answer about success might surprise you. Go ahead and take a listen.